Tottenham trailed 1-0 until the 90th minute, yet they won! The final promotion in Premier League history

They destroyed their own record.

In the Premier League, there was a run of strong victories: Liverpool defeated Wolverhampton by a score of 3-1; City defeated West Ham by a score of 3-1; and Aston Villa defeated Crystal Palace by a score of 3-1. But the most impressive renovation was carried out by Tottenham.

The London Club’s home game against Sheffield was incredibly challenging. The visitors raised the scoreboard at minute 73 when Gustavo Hamer, following a long swat from Jack Robinson, shot a billar at Guillermo Vicario’s porter. The Tottenham regained its composure up until the start of the additional time, and then it entered a furious mode.

Richarlison heads the ball after an Ivan Perisic corner; 90’+8


90’+10 – Richarlison passes Dejan Kulusevski to the penalty area, and the sueco shoots at Sheffield’s closest corner. Pure locomotion!


The Tottenham team’s comeback in the match against Sheffield is the last in Premier League history. The London club scored twice against Leicester in the 95th and 97th minutes to break their own January 2022 record.

This behavior, in Richarlison’s opinion, is an outdoor soliloquy. Prior to the Sheffield, there had been zero goals scored in the Premier League this season and only two in 2023. The national team’s trip in September didn’t exactly help the positivity grow; after being substituted in the Bolivia game, he started crying, and after the goal against Peru was ruled out, he said he would like to see a psychologist when he got back to England. It’s true that it’s unclear whether Richarlison managed to attend at least one session during these three days.