First defeat for Inter Miami since Messi arrived! But instead of playing, Leo ate a cheeseless pizza.

After starting Lionel Messi, the Miami Inter lost their first game 2-5 to Atlanta. The world-class Mercedes-Benz Arena, one of the best stadiums in existence, was where the accident occurred.

Atlanta was eagerly anticipating Leo’s arrival, but in the end it turned out that he wasn’t even at the game. The main question asked by the spectators who spent hundreds of dollars on tickets (and some of them traveled specifically from other cities to Argentina) was “Where is Messi?”.


The disappointed fans were satisfied with the local team, which scored 5 goals against Inter at the same time.

71,000 people gathered to Atlanta’s stadium, nearly a club record. The fans cried out, “Where is Messi?”
Traditional league leader in terms of average attendance is Atlanta United. There are three Georgian capital city matches among the top five most-attended matches in league history.

Atlanta typically draws 45 million spectators every year, although this is only because the stadium can only hold that many people for football games. The stadium can accommodate up to 72 mil spectators on rare occasions, and Messi’s arrival was one of them.

The club didn’t sell tickets for the worst seats for less than 150 dollars in advance. On hearing that Leo would be leaving, the price dropped to $40 at a retail store. Also included were $27 tickets.

As a consequence, 71.635 people gathered in the arena. Atlanta’s best assistance in four years. This is the eighth outcome in the club’s history and the twentieth in MLS history, indicating that this team has no rivals in the league in terms of assistance.


It turned out that it wasn’t too far off from the Atlanta record that the team set in the 2018 playoff championship game (at that point, the game drew 73,019 spectators). Of course, Gerardo Martino, the current Inter coach, led Atlanta to its first and current last championship during that season.

The stadium’s only option was to chant, “Where is Messi? Where is Messi? Where is Messi? Leo’s enamored fan got more than seven million hits on a tweet that read, “I spent $700 on two tickets to see Messi for the first time in my life, but he didn’t show. This is the first time since the game against Arabia Saudi Arabia that I’m actually upset.

In response to the disappointed fans, CBS correspondent Nico Cantor stated: “The Atlanta fans did not pay for tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters (a team of exhibition basketball that combines elements of sports entertainment, theatrical entertainment, and comedy). Yes, it’s a show, but more importantly, it’s a sport where the Inter prioritizes long-term goals. This is unfortunate for those who spent the money it cost them to win on a one-time opportunity to see the biggest names. But it is sport. And Miami has a strategy for effectively using Messi. Why is it necessary to play?


When purchasing tickets for an interclub sporting event, Franco Panizo, the Inter’s podcaster, interjected: “There are no guarantees for specific players.”

Messi rested well; he watched his son’s game and requested a pizza without cheese. Even Atlanta flew to obtain it.
The decision about Messi was delayed until the very last second by coach Martino. The news that the Argentine wasn’t flying broke almost on the day of the game. It takes two hours to fly from Miami to Atlanta, and many people were upset about it because Leo never even showed up for the fanatics.

But Messi made the decision to spend time with his family after having such a packed schedule.

I witnessed my son Thiago’s Inter Miami Academy debut.

And asked for pizza, which ultimately won over their interest.

Here is a quote from Darren Rowell, one of the top business sports journalists: There aren’t many pizzas in the world about which someone could say something negative. But the pizza without cheese or salsa is unquestionably one of them!

The social media networks were flooded with reports identical to what they saw:

• “Messi just published the worst pizza I’ve ever seen in his book.”

• “I know it’s a big story that Messi might not play in Atlanta, but what exactly is that pizza he asked for?”

• “Messi, probably you’re the greatest in history, but this is the worst pizza I’ve ever seen,”

• “I’m crying, thousands of people paid hundreds of dollars to watch Messi play and eat pizza at his Miami home.”

Gonzalo Pineda, the Atlanta coach, was even made aware of Leo’s absence thanks to the pizza: “Well, I checked his Twitter account to see if he was playing and saw a tomato pizza.”

Atlanta repeatedly ridiculed its opponent after winning. Picture of the team with the inscription “Di CHIIIIZ.”